Can You Hear Me Now? Obamacare Dials Verizon To Fix Site Woes

The telecom giant has been asked by the Dept. of Health and Human Services to improve the website

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Can you hear me now? Good. Help is on the way.”

That’s the message the Obama Administration hopes to hear from Verizon when it comes to fixing the online federal health exchange. According to USA Today, the Department of Health and Human Services asked the telecom giant’s Enterprise Solutions Division to improve the website, a key element of the Affordable Care Act. The site has experienced massive technical problems in its first few weeks.

The problems with the federal health insurance website prompted President Obama to make a Rose Garden speech on Oct. 21, in which he promised experts from the government and outside firms would work “overtime, 24/7” to fix what he called “kinks” in the site’s operations.

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