Masters of the Faint: How Politicians Handle Lightheaded Fans

Each has a unique style, even when it comes to emergency response

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When Karmel Allison fainted Monday morning during President Obama’s speech on technical glitches in the roll out of the Affordable Care Act, the president reacted with practiced poise, and not for no reason; our 44th president is well-acquainted with people fainting at his rallies. At one event in Virginia during the 2012 campaign, more than 20 people toppled over in the heat.

But Obama isn’t the first politician to have fainting supporters, and each has a unique way of addressing the  situation. Some point and make jokes (I’m looking at you, Bill). Others take charge and start delegating emergency response (I’m looking at you, Hill).

And in case you were wondering, Allison is doing just fine. She is pregnant and a diabetic, but walked away unscathed, even tweeting a thanks to Obama for catching her.