McConnell: ‘There Will Not Be Another Government Shutdown’

Ted Cruz points fingers at fellow Republicans

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Following the 16-day government shutdown, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky promised on CBS’s Face the Nation that there would not be another shutdown.

Fellow Republicans joined the chorus of urging the party to move forward. Former Florida governor Jeb Bush said on Fox News Sunday that Republicans need to “show a little self-restraint” in attacking Obamacare, and Republican Senator John McCain said on CNN’s State of the Union that Congress should turn to immigration reform.

Senator Ted Cruz, however, didn’t step down from his history of attacks on Obamacare and pointed fingers at fellow Republicans on ABC’s This Week. “The reason this deal, the lousy deal was reached, is because unfortunately Senate Republicans made the choice not to support House Republicans,” he said.

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew warned on NBC’s Meet the Press that the shutdown hurt the U.S. economy, but expressed confidence that it would recover.

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