America vs. Russia: The Hollywood Smackdown

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The Eagle and the Bear seem unable to agree on much these days. After a shining few years in which the United States and Russia seemed to be on a long-term path toward harmonious relations (with, yes, detours here and there), today the two great powers are at odds over everything from Syria and Edward Snowden to gay rights. In a recent Gallup poll, for the first time in 15 years a plurality of Americans said they see Russia as an enemy. As autumn settles over Washington and Moscow one might wonder if that new chill in the air isn’t just the Cold War coming back to town.

The upshot is that we’ve been here before. In fact, for nearly a century, enmity between our great nations has been more the rule than the exception and if you dig movies you can be thankful for that, at least. The red menace has served as a catchall antagonist for some of the greatest flicks in the history of American cinema, from Dr. Strangelove, through War Games and Red Dawn (possibly the best worst movie of the 1980s), all the way up to this year’s A Good Day to Die Hard. Hollywood is sure to take a cue from this latest round of Russian-American headbutting in the meantime, here’s a rundown of some of TIME’s favorite America v. Russia bouts to have graced the big screen.