‘Vomit,’ and Five Other Things Pat Robertson Has Said About Gays

A Vomit button for photos of gays — that’s what televangelist Pat Robertson now wants to see on Facebook

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A Vomit button for photos of gays — that’s what televangelist Pat Robertson now wants to see on Facebook. His statement, made today on his popular television program The 700 Club, is just the latest in his decades-long anti-gay tirade, and should come as no shock from the man who thinks wife beating should be legal and who thinks a man can divorce his wife if she gets too sick. Today’s program also included his interpretation of an ancient Old Testament passage that the land will vomit out gays because homosexuality is an abomination to God.

Robertson is a conservative pastor who founded the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) and who ran for U.S. President in 1988. Nearly 1 million people watch his show The 700 Club every day, according to CBN, and it is carried on ABC Family cable network, FamilyNet, Trinity Broadcasting Network and numerous local U.S. television stations.

Here’s what Robertson said about the Vomit button:

And here’s his Old Testament justification, in which he says that “the land vomited them out”:

This is by no means the first time Robertson has made such inflammatory comments. Here’s a roundup:

In 1992, Robertson called a caller from Aiken, S.C., a “homo” during a commercial break on Larry King Live:

In 1998, Robertson attributed Florida’s wildfires to lightning strikes from God as punishment for Gay Days at Disney World:

“And you know, as I’ve been reading and praying, we had quite a flap the other day when we were talking about that gay pride day in Orlando and everybody laughed, but nevertheless, here’s what I saw in the Bible,” Robertson said. “‘There was an angel who sounded,’ it said, ‘his trumpet and there came hail and fire’ — and, of course, fire is lightning — ‘and it was hurled down upon the earth’ … And that’s exactly what is happening.”

Two days after 9/11, Robertson invited Jerry Falwell on his show and agreed with him that gays and lesbians (and abortionists and feminists) were responsible for the terrorist attacks.

In 2011, Robertson called abortion a conspiracy by lesbians to put themselves on an equal playing field with straight women.

In May 2013, Robertson compares gays to rapists, murderers and thieves.