The Hunt for Red Panda—Over

A story in Tweets.

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Who could have guessed that on a day marked by a global manhunt for a hacker fugitive, Supreme Court rulings and a heated debate over immigration reform, the most riveting news in Washington would be the search for an escaped panda?

The National Zoo’s announcement that Rusty, a nearly year-old male red panda, had escaped his enclosure Sunday night captivated local and national news outlets Monday, even drawing a tweet from former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, a zoo aficionado. Thankfully, the Zoo announced at 2:22 PM that it had recovered Rusty from DC’s Adams Morgan neighborhood. Life can now go on in the nation’s capital.

We may never know what spurred Rusty to run, but vital clues are probably buried in these tweets, the highlights from the escape:

The tweet that started it all:

Newt weighs in:

CNN Anchor Jake Tapper:

ABC News Political Director Rick Klein:

Amy Walter, Cook Political Report National Editor: 

Aaron Y. Zelin from the Washington Institute for Near East Policy: 

D.C. Bookstore Politics and Prose:

Invisible Obama: 

Jim Antle, Editor of the Daily Caller News Foundation: 

Comedian Dave Rubin: