Chris Christie “Slow Jams the News” with Fallon

Fallon dubbed New Jersey Governor Chris Christie with new nicknames like “The Love Gov” and “Christie Crème Donut" during last night's "Slow Jam the News" segment.

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Following in the footsteps of President Obama, Gov. Chris Christie has become the latest politician to pick up the microphone and “slow jam the news” with Jimmy Fallon on his late-night show.

The New Jersey Governor used the R&B musical number last night as an opportunity to defend his decision to call a special election to fill late Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s seat. The special election will be held on October 16th, three weeks before Election Day.

Opponents are unhappy with the election’s hefty price tag of $24 million. The New Jersey Office of Legislative Services estimates that the special election will cost state taxpayers $12 million each for both the primary and general elections.

Opponents also contend that the special election was a political move to boost Christie’s own re-election prospects and keep Newark Mayor Cory Booker off the ballot in November. Although Christie has denied these accusations, the Governor defended himself last night in the best way he knows how — by getting his groove on.

“As governor, I won’t allow political insiders and party elites to determine who the Republican and Democratic nominees will be this fall,” Christie crooned. “This special election is not about playing politics. It’s about doing the right thing.”

“You ain’t lying, CC. Now look at you, sounding all presidential-like,” Fallon said, as Christie coyly raised his eyebrows in the background. “You got something you wanna announce on this show right now?”

“C’mon Jimmy, do you really think I’d come on this show to announce a presidential run?” Christie said, shaking his head. “Say whatever you want,” Fallon retorted. “But we all know that in 2016…” The show’s house band, The Roots, then broke mid-song into Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run.”

The two threw barbs and witty banter at each other throughout their jazzy, five-minute duet, especially with regards to Christie’s weight. Fallon dubbed the Governor with new nicknames like “The Love Gov” and “Christie Crème Donut,” to which Christie replied: “It hurts, so step off, brother.” “Isn’t that what your bathroom scale says every night?” Fallon quipped.

But the Governor shrugged it off, steering the topic back to the special Senate race. “This election ensures the people will choose,” Christie sang.

As the segment came to a close, the back-up band crooned: “One person will win, and another will lose…”

“And that is how we slow jam the news,” Fallon said.