George H. W. Bush Dons Superman Socks For His 89th Birthday

The 41st President is pretty stylish

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Office of George H. W. Bush

Wednesday is former President George H. W. Bush’s birthday and the 89-year-old sock aficionado has selected a pair of multicolored socks emblazoned with the Superman logo for the occasion, according to a photo distributed by his spokesman.

Bush’s presidential library has asked well-wishers to send in photos of themselves wearing “outlandish” socks to help celebrate the former president’s birthday:

Join us in wishing President Bush a Happy Birthday by wearing your most colorful or outlandish socks. All are invited to submit a photo wearing crazy socks to share in the birthday festivities by:

Select birthday sock photos will be chosen and given to President Bush for his 89th birthday. Help us celebrate the 89th birthday of George Bush, 41st President of the United States. For more information, visit