In the Arena

Cheney Confesses

He really should go away

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Jason Reed / Reuters

Former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney is pictured in the audience at the dedication ceremony for the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas, April 25, 2013.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney has confessed to changing the CIA’s accurate information on Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction for political reasons.

You start out with the truth as reported by the intelligence community, and then you turn it into a total distortion once the political types in the White House and some senior folks at the State Department get their hands on it.

Oh. Wait a minute. Cheney was actually talking–quite inaccurately–about Benghazi. But, boy, the lack of self-knowledge is staggering, or perhaps a spectacular rebellion by his subconscious. The shamelessness is staggering as well. He really should go away.