Barack Obama Not Good at Basketball Today

At today's annual Easter Egg Roll, the President makes two of twenty-two shots. UPDATE: Video proof Obama's day more Shawn Marion than Ray Allen.

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Jim Young / REUTERS

U.S. President Barack Obama dribbles the ball past some children while doing some basketball drills, during the annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House in Washington, April 25, 2011.

Today at the White House’s annual Easter Egg Roll, President Obama was joined by a gaggle of kids and some of the Washington Wizards, including point guard John Wall. According to bystanders, the President’s basketball skills did not impress. Here’s the pool report from Alex Leary of the Tampa Bay Times:

POTUS stepped to free throw line and kids were asked to stand on opposite sides, depending on whether they think he would sink it. Most kids moved in one direction, but one boy went to the “miss” side.

“Oh, man,” a stunned POTUS said, hands on hips. The boy didn’t budge. And three others joined.

In sharp form, POTUS released the ball. It bounced off the rim and circled it — miss.

“Come on. Come on. Did you see that?” Obama said.

It got worse.

A little while later, after playing tennis, Obama started to take shots amid the kids and pros.

Miss. Miss. Off the rim. Miss. Miss. Off the rim. Airball.

He moved closer to the net.

But time and again, he missed. Of 22 shots POTUS took, he made two. (22 was the general consensus of poolers)

At one point, POTUS handed a ball to a boy and asked for help. The boy made the layup.

“He couldn’t make one. I had to help him out,” said Kahron Campbell, 10, of Landover, MD.

Update: Video proof:

[vodpod id=Video.16573441&w=600&h=350&]