Interactive Panorama: Obama’s Inauguration 2013

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With officials expecting up to 800,000 people to pack the National Mall on Monday, TIME brings you to the heart of President Obama’s inauguration with an interactive panorama, a Brooks Kraft exclusive.

Post inauguration coverage continues with Obama’s inaugural address, the parade and two official balls. Expect Beyonce to sing the national anthem, Kelly Clarkson to perform “My Country Tis of Thee,” and James Taylor to sing “America the Beautiful.” Additionally, Myrlie Evers Williams will deliver the Invocation and¬†Richard Blanco takes the stage as inaugural poet, the first time a gay Cuban-American has done so.

Fun fact: Due to constitutionally-mandated scheduling,¬†Obama will become the second president ever to have been sworn in four times — the last being four-termer Franklin D. Roosevelt. As many remember, both Chief Justice Roberts and Obama messed up the oath in 2009, and it had to be done over again. This time, the official end of term fell on a Sunday, so Obama had a private swearing in ceremony before Monday’s public event.