Hail to the Pooch: Bo the First Pup’s First Term

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Forget President Obama — today America’s favorite and most adorable First Pup begins his second term as master of the White House. Bo, the First Family’s famed Portuguese water dog, began his top-canine career in 2009 as a fulfilled election-win promise from the President to his daughters and as a gift from late Senator Ted Kennedy. With a pedigree like that, Bo had a lot to live up to. But whether sniffing out squirrels along the South Lawn perimeter, keeping that fluffy tuxedo coat well groomed or even sitting still for official portraits, Bo pulled it off like the pro that he is. And it looks like he doesn’t have to worry about any competition. In his November acceptance speech, President Obama told his daughters Sasha and Malia that “for now, one dog’s probably enough.”

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