A Note to Our Readers

A quick message about the site's new look and commenting system.

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You’ll notice a few things are different around here. We’ve changed the look of the site a bit—it’s cleaner, more readable in my opinion–though it’s not radically different from what you’re used to. Most everything should be where you left it. The biggest development is actually something you might not notice right away. Swampland (and the rest of Time.com) is now what the web design folks call “responsive.” The site will realign itself automatically depending on what device you’re using to surf the Internet, and move itself around to accommodate the size of your browser window. That means no more awkward mobile sites or horizontal scrolling required. Neat, right? You can read more about that from Time.com managing editor Cathy Sharick here. For our loyal commenters, we have good news and bad news. Disqus, which many of you weren’t wild about to begin with, is going away. We think LiveFyre will offer a better experience for you. But that means your Disqus handles won’t work anymore. You can sign in with Twitter, Facebook, Google or create a new account for LiveFyre on Time.com (it won’t work elsewhere). Your old comments will transfer over to the new system, but it’s going to take a little time. Don’t freak out if you don’t see your recent comments reappear for a few days. Change is scary, but we’re confident it’s in service of a better product for you, our valued readers. Feel free to drop me a line if anything seems amiss or if you just want to gripe about how we ruined the entire Internet for you forever.