AFP Brings Poetry To Political Boob Tube

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Politicians are supposed to campaign in poetry and govern in prose. But political advertising this cycle has been, for the most part, a bunch of PowerPoint presentations overlaid on file photo montages. Grainy shot, voice over, bucolic shot, newspaper quote, statistic, out. They are, for the most part, ugly, predictable and boring. (They are probably effective too.)

Yet here comes Americans for Prosperity, hoping to disrupt the 30-second wasteland with an silent haiku to the emasculation of unemployment in an Ozzie and Harriet household.


Not since the Obama campaign released “Firms,” a spot scored by Mitt Romney’s bad singing, has there been a spot in this cycle that attempts something difficult and creative, and succeeds. I would credit the donors to AFP for their good judgement, but the donors who paid for “The Dinner Table” are anonymous.