Joe Coors Is Not a Beer, May Be a Witch

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Another great innovation in political advertising, which we can credit to Fred Davis. The I-Am-Not-A-Blank Ad. Joe Coors, heir to the eponymous beer brand in Colorado, delivers this first ad in his congressional race:


The problem with the Not-A strategy is that it raises all sorts of questions. Did you see that thing he did with his fingers, for instance? Looked like magical powers to me. But you’ll notice, he did not deny that he is a witch.

Christine O’Donnell, of course, avoided that ambiguity in 2010:


Complications aside, let’s hope this trend really catches on in 2012. Barack Obama can do the “I’m not a Muslim” spot. Mitt Romney could do the “I’m not Scrooge McDuck.” Joe Biden could do “I do not own a Trans Am.” John Boehner could do “I’m not always crying.” Any other ideas? Put them in the comments.