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Democrats for Stupidity

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Bob Kerrey has given the Democratic Party the chance of actually retaining a Senate seat in Nebraska–and so, predictably, the usual leftist wingnuts have decided to trash him. The left-wing blogosphere has been in a swoon in recent years; it just can’t compete for attention with the hilarious extremism of the Republican party. But it retains its predilection for self-destructive silliness.

As for Kerry, I’ve known him for 20 years. I like him a lot, especially when we disagree–he’s always been one of those politicians willing to actually think in the presence of a journalist. He has military experience that is sorely lacking in today’s Democratic Party and more, he has a passionate desire to keep learning, and the courage to modify his positions based on new information. I wouldn’t care if he were running as a Republican; he’s an independent thinker and an iconoclast, and funny as hell. I’m thrilled by his return to public life.