How to Name a Super PAC

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There are some Super PACs, like the 9-9-9 Fund or Ron Paul Volunteers, that wear their affiliations on their sleeves, but most of these unlimited-spending groups have indistinguishable titles chock full of political platitudes. This simple guide sheds some light on how to name a Super PAC, if the goal is blending it in with all the others.

Co-opt the masses. Super PACs use nouns and pronouns that suggest they represent We The People: citizen, patriot, American, us, our, voters and concerned taxpayer are all regular features.

Promote the obvious.  Who could oppose freedom, growth, truth, common sense and liberty? It is the rare Super PAC that ventures beyond words found in works like the Pledge of Allegiance and Preamble to the Constitution.

Use imperatives. Commands lend Super PACs an aura of authority and urgency. Rather than Endorsing Liberty, there is Endorse Liberty. Rather than America Lying Down, there is America Get Up.

Imply the country is failing. Words that suggest need for improvement are always popular. For example, there is Make Us Great Again, Restore America’s Voice and Restore Our Future.

Shorter can be better. Grow PAC and Rethink PAC get right to the point. Why call it Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Today, when you can just call it Better?

Embrace cliches. There is already a Let Freedom Ring PAC and a Red White and Blue PAC. But there are plenty of patriotic classics still available. Stars and Stripes, God Bless the USA, Amber Waves of Grain, Proud to be an American and Sweet Land of Liberty haven’t been snatched up…yet.

There are, of course, some Super PACs that break these rules. There is the Feel the Heat PAC, the No Mercy PAC and one simply called The Internet. But if spending money anonymously is the goal—as it is for many—a hackneyed, predictable name can only help.