Keep an Eye on Wasilla: Is Palin Nearing a Decision?

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Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has always worked according to her own clock and cared little for the timing of others. Through most of the summer, the smart money in Washington has been betting she would not run–and she’s checking in at just 9% in the latest national horse-race poll. But Palin has a way of proving the experts wrong. She alone has had the name recognition and star power to jump in late and still make a go of the 2012 GOP primary.  

If pro-Palin websites are to be believed, she’s still very much on the verge of jumping in. A recent post along these lines comes from

And she is still acting like a candidate.  On Friday she’ll be co-hosting a “Defending the Republic” event with Glenn Beck in St. Louis and this weekend, alongside Herman Cain and on the heels of Michele Bachmann, she’ll be speaking at Liberty University Extraordinary Women conference in Lynchburg, Va., tantalizingly close for the Beltway press corps.

The timing is interesting, especially as New Jesey Governor Chris Christie appears set to get a lot of attention with a decision on Tuesday. But with all the attention on Trenton, New Jersey, it’s worth keeping one eye on the subarctic. She may surprise us again.