Congrats, Congress. Heckuva Job. We Slow Clap You.

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Let us pause a moment to admire the collective wisdom of the intertubes, which has come up with the pitch-perfect reaction to the debt-limit compromise. A YouTube slow-clap campaign.

There are dozens of these videos at Tech-President has the play-by-play on how this whole idea got cooked up over Twitter. For fans of the slow-clap, there is reason to be optimistic. Congress has already given up more than $300 million in tax revenue, while idling thousands of workers, in a standoff over the FAA, which hinges either on union rules or rural airports, depending on which side is issuing the press release. In other words, Congress has not learned its lesson, and is more than willing to hurt the economy again instead of coming to agreement on key issues of national importance. Slow clap, indeed.