As Obama Calls For Tweets, Conservatives Blast Faxes

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President Obama is not the only one calling on Americans to reach out to their members of Congress by any means possible, phone call, email or tweet. A 501 (c)4, called GrassTopsUSA has been fundraising around a good-old “blast fax” campaign. As I have argued before, reading the fundraising solicitations on the right is a great way to take the temperature of the grass roots. The authors literally get paid by properly tapping into the outrage. Here’s the current tone:

The moment of truth is upon us. It’s time to fumigate Washington. We need patriotic Americans to flood our Republican leaders with a sea of faxes right here and right now. Demand that they hold the line. Don’t let the radical Obama agenda and the disease of “Republican Compromise” kill this great nation.


If we don’t stand in opposition to the radical Obama agenda, it is very possible that eventually people WILL riot in the streets… people WILL go to the grocery store with wheelbarrows of money. America could join the ranks of banana republics which have destroyed their currencies and plunged their economies into chaos.

The appeal, which has been sent out by email, also goes on to quote a recent exchange between John Boehner and Rush Limbaugh about the Boehner bill.

RUSH: He [Obama] gets the new trillion dollars.
SPEAKER BOEHNER: Trillion dollars roughly and will take them probably into February, maybe March.
RUSH: Right, so he gets that immediately but the cuts are spread over ten years?
SPEAKER BOEHNER: That is correct. That is correct.
RUSH: (silence)

Rush’s silence spoke volumes. Of course, Rush regrouped. He was, as always, a consummate gentleman, but, as one caller put it on Wednesday, he almost drove his car off the side of the road as he was listening to the show.

The irony of course is that John Boehner does not need to check his fax machine to know this is happening out there in conservative America. He knows well from his own members.