Morning Must Reads: Set

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The 2012 presidential field is probably set.

Tim Pawlenty kicks off :


With Daniels out, Matt Yglesias sees Pawlenty ascending and undervalued.

Bill Kristol is convinced there’s got to be someone else. Other Republican elites are still looking.

Newt Gingrich calls himself “very frugal” and says $500,000 in jewelry dues to Tiffany’s is “a normal way of doing business.”

Jim Fallows revisits Jon Huntsman’s 2008 nominating speech for Sarah Palin.

Democrat Kathy Hochul looks like she’s pulling ahead in NY-26’s special election. Both candidates talk to Dave Weigel about what’s become the central issue of the race: Medicare.

Jason Zengerle on David Brock, Gabriel Sherman on Roger Ailes.

Anecdotally, Obama was well received at AIPAC.

And Israel loses The Onion.