Battleland Launches Monday!

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We’re launching a major offensive operation here on Monday with the start of our new Battleland blog. What with the ever-changing threats confronting the nation, the three (OK, 2.5) wars the nation is waging, and the budget crunch the U.S. military now faces, there’s not a better time to begin a blog dedicated to the challenges of national security in the 21st Century.

We’re going to feature TIME folks versed in all facets of fighting, funding and fudging, as well as outside experts who will ponder and pontificate — and maybe even pop off once in awhile. If wars break out among contributors and commenters, we’ll insist they be civil wars. We hope you’ll check it out come Monday morning about oh-dark-thirty. I’ll post a link to it here on Swampland about that time, as I PCS — “permanent change of station” — from the Swamp to Battleland. Hope you’ll tag along.