Morning Must Reads: Unions

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President Obama speaks about Libya at the White House while Secretary of State Hillary Clinton listens on February 23. (REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)

–Wisconsin Democrats and Republicans strike a deal that could end the deadlock in the Assembly today. Democratic senators are still on the lam.

–Robert Costa pens a friendly history of Scott Walker.

–Ezra Klein talks to former SEIU cheif Andy Stern.

–Pushing back after a “right to work bill” got scrapped in his legislature, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels took a hard line on labor in a speech Wednesday night in Ohio. He still landed himself a rebuke in the Wall Street Journal.

–In the Obama Justice Department’s decision to drop its defense of DOMA, Orin Kerr sees a dangerous precedent for executive power and wonders what it means for future Republican presidents and the individual mandate.

–Hawaii greenlights civil unions.

–The key thing about congressional Republicans’ continuing resolution proposal to avoid a government shutdown, first reported by Jay, is that the $4 billion in cuts represent a two-week, to-scale version of the $61 billion in cuts called for the House GOP budget. That’s going to be the selling point for the conservative freshman and the sticking point for Democrats.

–Josh Green sticks up for backroom deals.

Shameless promotion of the day: TIME’s exemplary international editors and foreign correspondents just launched a new blog, Global Spin. It’s already populated with a wealth of good stuff, so just go on over.

–Jon Huntsman stops by an anti-government rally in China for some reason.

–According to the National Journal’s latest ratings, John McCain is now tied for most conservative vote in the Senate, situated somewhere slightly to the right of Tom Coburn.

–And here’s a nice story about the U.S. citizenship test.

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