How Can You Start a Campaign Without a Candidate?

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That is essentially the dilemma of the political operatives and supporters waiting for Ambassador Jon Huntsman’s gig in China to wrap up at the end of April. Their answer: Vague aphorisms, abstract questions and not-so-subtle use of the letter of H. Meet Horizon PAC and its new website:

A political action committee created by supporters of United States Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman launched a sleek but cryptic new website Tuesday, providing some of the first clues as to how a possible Huntsman presidential candidacy in 2012 would look and sound.

Horizon PAC has no official connection to Huntsman, supporters of the ambassador and former Utah governor say, but it is essentially a campaign-in-waiting should Huntsman decide to seek the GOP nomination.

Eccentric Republican ad maven Fred Davis is, naturally, on the payroll.