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London’s Telegraph has a fascinating new trove of Wikileaks cables, which are being overshadowed by the disturbing turn of events in Egypt. There’s a lot of serious material to chew over, but here’s something light for openers:

One of the most unusual sightings of bin Laden was made by Antonio Coratti, a Croatian, who told embassy officials that his ex-girlfriend had business meetings with him in Switzerland.

He told [U.S.] embassy officials in Zagreb that his former girlfriend, Anna Di Giusto, had dealings with one of bin Laden’s brothers. She is now convinced she was dealing with bin Laden himself. “Coratti stated that bin Laden is now clean shaven and has adopted a ‘European’ appearance,” a record of the meeting states. Embassy officials were suspicious, however, that Di Giusto may have been motivated by revenge.

“Coratti seemed to be of sound mind but may have a grudge against Di Giusto and wants to draw attention to her for unknown reasons.”

He couldn’t post some mean things on Facebook like everyone else? Anyway, probably not worth sending the Special Forces to Zurich.

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