Morning Must Reads: Data

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FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski speaks to the media on the importance of net neutrality December 1, 2010 in Washington, DC. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

–The Federal Communications Commission is poised to approve “net neutrality” rules today that would restrict Internet service providers from speeding, slowing or blocking  broadband access to one source of Web content over another.

–It looks like the nine Republican votes needed for START ratification are falling into place and that the Obama administration will get its lame duck priority done.

–U.S. Census data that will be used by the states to reapportion congressional seats is due out today.

–The Washington Post profiles National Security Adviser Tom Donilon. A taste:

His objectively impressive transition from the political fast track to the apex of a long and plodding policy path resulted, he said, from his decision to “turn away from politics and toward policy and law,” in the model of Dean Acheson, Warren Christopher and Jim Baker. This characterization tends to gloss over his decades as a political knife fighter, his history of courting the press and his lucrative years as a lobbyist for Fannie Mae. That resume and his political acuity may be at odds with his professed policy asceticism, but it makes him doubly useful to his bosses.

–Karen Tumulty zooms out on the recent trend of public employee criticism.

— Michael Steele, no stranger to friendly fire himself, dishes out some flak as the RNC race heats up.

–Mitch McConnell being Mitch McConnell:

“There’s much for [the White House] to be angst-ridden about,” McConnell said with a chuckle. “If they think it’s bad now, wait ‘til next year.”

–Exit interviews: Chris Dodd, David Axelrod, Nancy Pelosi.

–And 2010 saw many searching for the meaning of austerity.

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