President Obama’s Incredible Comeback

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“Obama Rebounding” trumpets Politico at the news the president’s job approval-disapproval rating has reached an even 48-48 percent split in the latest CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll. Their proof for this dramatic “comeback in the eyes of the American people?”

The disapproval number is the lowest it’s been since May, when it was 46 percent in the same poll. His disapproval rating reached as high as 54 percent in September and clocked in at 50 percent in November.

One wild swing barely outside the margin of error in just seven months? Does this mean Obama’s reelection is a foregone conclusion? The dawning of a new era of Democratic hegemony? Or is it maybe just meaningless statistical noise totally within the normal range of variance over a period of time? Let’s go to the overall average since May:

Let’s chalk it up to a slow news day.