Tonight’s 60 Minutes Today: John Boehner, Man In The Arena

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On 60 Minutes tonight, John Boehner gets mostly friendly treatment. He also takes the opportunity to make clear that he is ready to deal with President Obama. An excerpt, per a release from CBS:

BOEHNER:   We have to govern.  That’s what we were elected to do.
STAHL: But governing means compromising.
BOEHNER: It means working together.
STAHL: It also means compromising.
BOEHNER: It means finding common ground.
STAHL:   Okay, is that compromising?
BOEHNER: I made it clear– I am not going to compromise on my principles, nor am I going to compromise—
STAHL: What are you saying?
BOEHNER: –the will of the American people.
STAHL:  You’re saying, “I want common ground, but I’m not going to compromise.”  I don’t understand that.  I really don’t.
BOEHNER: When you say the word “compromise– “
STAHL: Yeah.
BOEHNER: a lot of Americans look up and go, “Oh, oh, they’re going to sell me out.”  And so finding common ground– I think (NOISE) makes more sense.