Morning Must Reads: Turkey

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(White House/Chuck Kennedy)

–From the archives: What you didn’t know about the turkey pardon and what happens to the not-so-lucky ones.

–Obama pledges solidarity with South Korea, dispatches warship for exercises.

–Kathleen Kennedy Townsend and David Brock talk about the new Dem Super PAC.

–Re disclosure, Brock’s willing to fight fire with fire.

–Gentry Collins steps toward an RNC bid.

–It’s difficult to define an earmark, but Jon Kyl is in the neighborhood.

–Pat Buchanan hearts START.

–Kit Bond does not.

–The administration drumbeat continues.

–Matt Yglesias factors inflation into the corporate profits brouhaha.

–Six metrics to judge GM’s turnaround by.

Motor Trend vs. Rush Limbaugh.

–Federal insider trading probe hits major firms.

–A narrative account of the crash that killed Ted Stevens.

–And the top tens ways to tell your new Taliban friend is an impostor.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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