Morning Must Reads: Thanks

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(Reuters/Kevin Lamarque)

–House Democrats vent on Nancy Pelosi as they nonetheless prepare to elect her minority leader today.

Minor rescheduling causes hand-wringing over Obama’s ballyhooed bipartisan merlot/slurpee supersummit.

–John Sides thinks the White House need not be too worried about partisan independents.

–Matthew Cooper surveys the wreckage from the START delay.

–Matt Yglesias argues health care cost controls are the big piece missing from everybody’s deficit reduction plans. Everyone has one. The left-leaning Center for Budget and Policy Priorities delivers the full range of liberal discomfort with Simpson-Bowles.

–Bloomberg reports former Clinton deputy treasury secretary Roger Altman is a favorite to replace Larry Summers atop the NEC.

–Warren Buffett thanks the Obama-Bush economic teams for saving the economy.

–John Cornyn will stay on for another cycle at the NRSC while Harry Reid begs Michael Bennet to reconsider taking the thankless task of steering the DSCC.

Robert Draper in 8,000 words: Palin wants to run for President.

–The TSA is getting a bit of heat for the new pat downs. If you haven’t already read Jeffrey Goldberg’s side-splitting account of said procedures, you should.

What did I miss?

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