Morning Must Reads: Return

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Senator-elect Mark Kirk meets with democratic rival Alexi Giannoulias at the Billy Goat Tavern November 3, in Chicago. (Photo by Frank Polich/Getty Images)

–The economy added 151,000 jobs in October, with private sector gains significantly outstripping government losses. The labor force shrank and the overall unemployment rate remained at 9.6 percent, but all in all, it’s the brightest monthly report in some time.

–The stock market returns to pre-Lehman levels.

–Ronald Brownstein sizes up the state of the Democratic electorate.

–Obama eagerly blames the message, which allows him eat some humble pie while defending his policy decisions to the last.

–Molly Ball has a worthwhile look at how Harry Reid’s game plan bested the terrible climate.

–Kevin Drum rummages around in the exit polls for some interests nuggets.

–What about the GOP moderates?

–Pelosi floats staying on as minority leader. Jeremy Jacobs thinks it’s a “lead trial balloon.”

–Jon Ward reports some House Republicans are trying to torpedo Michele Bachmann’s bid for a leadership post.

–Nate Silver rates pollsters, finds Rasmussen wanting.

–And Jon Stewart has Tim Geithner’s ear.

What did I miss?

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