Latino Payback For Sharron Angle

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A couple weeks back, I wrote about the racial stereotypes Sharron Angle employed in her television spots in Nevada, and speculated that such strategies would pile up electoral baggage for the Republicans.

Well, it looks like the baggage got thrown at Angle. Here is the Las Vegas Sun’s Jon Ralston from his winners and losers column today:

Hispanics: So many Hispanics turned out that the numbers defied the most optimistic estimates of the Reid folks. Even the Asian-looking ones must have gone to the polls. Hispanics made up about the same percentage of the electorate as they did in 2008, according to preliminary analysis and exit polls ā€” 15 percent. Angle took a calculated ā€” and, yes, shameful ā€” risk by airing ads that were decried as racist and set off waves of revulsion in the Hispanic community. She hoped to get independent votes, but she never counted on dramatically improving Hispanic turnout. A fitting reward, Iā€™d say.