Morning Must Reads: The Big Mo

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Another poll suggests Pat Toomey’s lead over Joe Sestak has evaporated in Pennsylvania. They slugged it out in last night’s debate.

–Nate Silver debunks the big mo.

–The ads are flying fast and furious through the home stretch in Nevada: The SEIU calls Angle dangerous, Angle continues her late push to play up Reid’s wealth, and Crossroads GPS tries to cut through the din:




Obama swings west for the final push.

The Sunlight Foundation reports $97.5 million, just over half of all money spent by so-called “Super PACs,” non-profits and unions, came from undisclosed donor groups.

–Republican mega-donor and former Swiftboat funder Bob Perry has given American Crossroads $7 million since September — about 47% of their haul in that time period.

–In his first cover piece for TIME, Fareed Zakaria offers his ideas to kickstart the American Dream: Spend more on R&D, job re-training, rein in health care and entitlement spending, and simplify the tax code. You could always invest in a subscription to the magazine.

–Obama will visit Pakistan next year.

–Chuck Schumer spreads his wealth.

–Jonathan Martin peeks in through the cracks at Palin Land.

–There’s not a lot of new ground broken, but Joe Hagan has a simply beautiful profile of the California governor’s race.

–And The New York Times catches up with Ladd Ehlinger Jr. (Dale Peterson’s ad maker) who’s filming a faux Barney Frank break dancing in a fat suit.

What did I miss?

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