How The Punk Policy Wonk Rolls

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It’s not unusual to break up with someone and still hold a grudge. The bad feelings can even be acted upon in age-old ways: Throw out the ex’s favorite stuff left, throw a drink in his face in a bar, write something nasty on a Facebook page, get your friends to stop talking to her, etc. But that’s not how this policy wonk rolls: He went on C-Span, with his ex sitting nearby. The following clip stars Todd Seavy, an essayist and author of a blog called Conservatism for Punks, and his ex, Helen Rittelmeyer, a writer for a number of conservative outlets.


This video cuts off Rittelmeyer’s full response: “Off the top of my head, spilling your heart on CSPAN?”

It all seems very punk rock to me. More on their tiff can be found at the Daily Caller, where Rittelmeyer previously worked. The full video is online at