Morning Must Reads: Rouse

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–President Obama will make a “personnel announcement” at 11:05 am from the East Room (Spoiler: As Michael noted, Emanuel is out and Pete Rouse is replacing him.)

Ezra Klein has a thorough primer/link dump on the soon-to-be chief of staff.

–Max Boot critiques Bob Woodward’s “Obama’s Wars” as too far removed from the conflicts.

–Taiwanese animators have their own fire-breathing interpretation.

–Elizabeth Warren takes to the Wall Street Journal to explain how she sees the mission of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

–TARP is ending Sunday. It was pretty cheap. MIT’s Simon Johnson thinks there were mistakes to learn from.

–Federal grants have gone through for every state to set up health insurance exchanges except Minnesota and Alaska, which declined the money in protest of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The feds will set exchanges up there in 2014 anyway.

– has added an insurance finder.

–Our colleague Michael Grunwald (still) loves the stimulus.

–Vegetables: Nate Silver on the near infallibility of polling averages.

–Side dish: September in Afghanistan as told by the Big Picture.

–Dessert: Autocomplete the candidates.

What did I miss?

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