Blowing Up British Kids: Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

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The UK has been more productive than the US in addressing climate change, legislatively at least. In 2009, the EU committed to a “20% by 2020” resolution to cut carbon emissions as a whole, a measure that allowed for intriguing means of flexibility like limiting the increase on emissions for developing (read: Eastern European) countries while demanding cuts from the already developed. Meanwhile, American belief in global warming declined. And here we remain without the comprehensive energy legislation in late 2010.

But people in the UK have their limits too: They don’t take so kindly, for example, to environmental activists blowing up schoolchildren, their innards splashed across the room like staked vampires on True Blood, to make their point. Which is exactly what the 10:10 campaign did in a video that, having caused an enormous stir, has been removed from their site. The outfit, which encourages businesses and individuals to cut their emissions by 10%, also enlisted footballer Paul Crouch and the X-Files‘ Gillian Anderson, who meets a rather gruesome end herself. You can watch it below at your leisure. As the 10:10 campaign would say — no pressure.


The video was directed by Richard Curtis, writer for Four Weddings and a Funeral, and is meant to be a funny means of saying climate change is serious business. Perhaps they should just go for the Hugh Grant endorsement next time.