Morning Must Reads: Pack

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–President Obama has a long chat with Rolling Stone.

–Vice President Biden doesn’t mince words with the base.

–CNN reports Rahm Emanuel will pack his bags Friday and Pete Rouse will likely serve as interim chief of staff.

–Republican independent expenditure groups out gun Democratic ones.

Linda McMahon inches closer in Connecticut’s Senate race.

–The National Republican Senatorial Committee pares back operations in Kentucky.

–Attorney general and quixotic conservative crusader Ken Cuchinelli ventures forth from Virginia.

–General Petraeus says the Taliban high command is interested in reconciliation.

–Vegetables: The rise of the “Super PAC.”

–Side dish: John Lennon at 70.

–Dessert: Playing Pac-man in White House meetings is a pretty surefire sign you’re looking for an exit.

What did I miss?

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