The GOP’s “Pledge to America”

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House Republicans will unveil their “Pledge to America” at a hardware store in Sterling, Va., tomorrow morning. The GOP frames the document as a series of ideals, programs and policy blueprints it would uphold and pursue if restored to power in November. It’s also an attempt to neutralize Democrats’ charge that the “Party of No” has no substantive ideas of their own. Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire has a copy of the text for you to peruse. (H/t Dave Weigel.)

The document has five main planks: creating jobs, ending economic uncertainty and making America more competitive; reducing spending and cutting the size of government; repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act (which the document calls “the government takeover of health care”); “restoring trust in Congress”; and promoting national security. Among the specific proposals: small business tax deductions; congressional approval of new federal regulations that would cost more than $100 million; slashing the Congressional budget; canceling TARP and unspent stimulus funds; establishing a cap on new discretionary spending; and a net hiring freeze for many federal employees. There’s plenty of nonspecific boilerplate in there as well, like “adhere to the Constitution” and “keep terrorists out of America.”

I’ll be on hand for the press conference tomorrow and will have more after it’s over.