Most Everything You Need to Know About Health Reform in 9 Minutes

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Despite all the explainers and the charts that have been published in the past year – including in this space – to explain health care reform, Americans remain utterly confused about how the authors of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) intend for it to work. It’s no secret why. Politicians and pundits have muddied the waters with dishonest and over-simplified rhetoric. Plus, the law is complicated, with lots of moving parts. But it’s not impossible to understand.

Here’s some proof from the non-partisan, non-profit research organization the Kaiser Family Foundation, which produced a surprisingly helpful 9-minute cartoon video explaining the basics of the law. The video barely touches on the controversies over the ACA. There’s a brief mention of the lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of the individual mandate, but nothing about adverse effects that might happen down the road. The video instead is a clear explanation of what the law intends.

Watch Cokie Roberts narrate while “YouToons” scoot across a U.S. map and through a magical place called an insurance exchange. “Uh, a little help here?”

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