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Christians Welcome

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Freedom of religion means that these dudes have a right to set up shop near Ground Zero, too. My hope is that once they get here, and start to sample our insidious cosmopolitan mores–and, perhaps, actually get to meet some of their Muslim brothers and sisters–they will commence interfaith Kumbaya-singing festivals. I mean, life in the real America–my glorious city of New York, the most melted area of the melting pot–tends to encourage such behavior.

By the way, Glenn Beck–whose unfamiliarity with the teachings of Jesus, especially the beatitudes, seems profound–has the gall to proclaim (inaccurately) and question Barack Obama’s religious beliefs? I mean, as a member of a sect that has been and still is subject to deep prejudice, doesn’t Beck get how obnoxious that is? (See Michael Scherer’s post above for an example of anti-Mormon prejudice.)

If Jesus were around today, he might say that it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a telecharlatan to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.