Morning Must Reads: Unloading

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–There are a bunch of good races today in Colorado, Connecticut and Georgia. Jay and Katy walk them up.

–The House is poised to approve $26 billion in aid to the states today. Obama will give a gentle nudge.

–Six months ago, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels signed onto a letter asking for more FMAP funds. He opposes the state aid package that largely consists of just that.

Esquire runs a pretty brutal profile of Newt Gingrich. The attention-grabbing details may be the revelations provided by Marianne Gingrich, the former speaker’s second wife, but the reporter’s overall take on Newt is also something less than flattering. A taste:

He’s the first person you’ve ever met who speaks in bullet points. In fact, he sometimes more resembles a collection of studied gestures than a mere mortal, so much so that he gives the impression that everything about him is calculated, including the impression that everything about him is calculated. Which can make him seem like a Big Thinker but also like a complete phony — an unsettling combination.

–Press Secretary Robert Gibbs unloads on the angsty left.

–Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour dips a toe in the Iowa waters.

–Rand Paul’s campaign threatens to sue over “Aqua Buddha.” Not included: a denial.

–Meg Whitman looks to tie Jerry Brown to the Bell, California government pay scandal.

–Federal Reserve bigwigs are meeting today. The big question: Do they think the stalled recovery is dire enough to warrant a shift in monetary policy?

–Government-backed mortgage giant Freddie Mac loses less, asks for more.

Forbes details a nasty libel suit Florida Senate candidate Jeff Greene settled in 2007.

–And Politico delves into his shenanigans with Mike Tyson aboard “Summerwind.”

What did I miss?

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