There’s Something in the Water in Florida

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For months Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio slugged it out in Florida’s Republican Senate primary, trading jabs in the press, on the trail, in TV ads; they even had a nationally televised debate on Fox. One of the earliest and nastiest primary battles of the cycle came to a premature close in April when Crist, slipping in the polls, was forced to leave the party to run as an independent. But the bloodletting in the not-so-sunny Sunshine State is far from over. Now it’s the Democrats’ turn.

Cherubic Congressman Kendrick Meek — who enjoyed presumptive Democratic Senate nominee status not long ago — is now slugging it out with Jeff Greene, eccentric credit default swap baron, alleged reef-destroying yacht enthusiast and all-around bazillionaire to the stars. And it’s getting nasty.

In response to the floppy collared attack ad Scherer mentioned earlier, Greene quickly released two brutal TV spots tagging Meek as “too corrupt for Florida” (but I guess about right for Illinois?), highlighting his former ties to a developer now mired in a fraud case:



At least they haven’t resorted to ripping each other’s campaign signs out of neighborhood lawns. Yet.