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A Nutjob A Week

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The Republicans seem intent on making the least of a promising electoral situation. They have given Harry Reid new life in Nevada by producing as their candidate a Tea-Party Scientology-sympathizer who wants to do away with Social Security and Medicare . Then there’s Rand Paul, who may win the Senate race in conservative Kentucky, but is tarring Republicans everywhere with his high-school libertarianism. But, I’ve got to say, my favorite is this guy, who seems to be advocating a violent revolution against the IRS in a seance he’s having with people dressed up as founding fathers. An aesthetic triumph, a withering indictment…hysterical in every sense of the word.

The commenters here often accuse me of journalistic on-the-other-handism for pointing out the excesses of the left as well as the right. No other-handism here: this sort of perverse nuttiness just simply doesn’t exist in the Democratic party. Unless you count that guy in South Carolina–and I don’t, until I see how he managed to rustle up $10,400 to run for the Senate…and even he hasn’t advocated anything particularly weird.