Out of the Spotlight and Into the Margins

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Ben Smith has nabbed a letter from some wealthy Republican donors urging others to send money to the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Smith notes, rightly, that this is further evidence that although RNC Chair Michael Steele is no longer in the spotlight as a liability to the party, he’s still being marginalized – in an election year and one where Republicans are poised to make gains in the House and Senate. (Jay predicted a probable shift in focus from the RNC to the NRSC and NRCC back in March.) Says Smith:

The letter doesn’t mention the RNC directly, but its implication to plugged-in Republican donors is clear, and one section appears to draw a contrast between NRSC Chairman John Cornyn and Steele, who has faced a series of spending flaps and who is viewed as unresponsive by former top donors.

Cornyn has been a “wise steward of the Committee’s funds,” says the letter. “He has also listened to our input and sought our counsel multiple times.”