Sarah Palin to President Obama: “Call me”

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In a new, oddly titled Facebook post, Sarah Palin blasts President Obama for not communicating directly with BP CEO Tony Hayward.

Mr. President: with all due respect, you have to get involved, sir. The priorities and timeline of an oil company are not the same as the public’s …as a former chief executive, I humbly offer this advice to the President: you must verify. That means you must meet with Hayward. Demand answers.

After running through her experience dealing with oil company executives and repeating the most talked about comment she made in her 2008 RNC convention speech – that a community organizer lacks the executive experience of a mayor – Palin has one more piece of advice for Obama (emphasis mine):

Please, sir, for the sake of the Gulf residents, reach out to experts who have experience holding oil companies accountable…They can help you. Give them a call. Or, what the heck, give me a call.

It seems somewhat strange that in a post titled, “Less Talkin’, More Kickin,” Palin is urging Obama to talk to more people, but she is clearly trying to inject herself into the crisis.

Obama will make a fourth trip to the Gulf next Monday and Tuesday.