“I’d like my life back.”

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When BP CEO Tony Hayward uttered those words a few days ago, he looked like an out of touch rich guy who’s annoyed that he has to deal with an inconvenient oil spill. “There’s no one who’d like this over more than me,” he said of the largest oil disaster in U.S. history that claimed the lives of 11 rig workers.

Well, now Hayward has apologized, calling his statement “hurtful and thoughtless.” (This is the second time Hayward has gotten himself into hot water over his words. Remember this?)

But is Hayward’s job security in doubt? Democratic Rep. Charlie Melancon, who’s running against incumbent Republican David Vitter for a Louisiana U.S. Senate seat, said today, “I wish the [BP] board would call him back.” But this seems unlikely. As the Hill notes, BP Managing Director Robert Dudley recently told NBC he thinks Hayward is “doing a fantastic job.”