“O how we miss you Mr. President.”

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George W. Bush, whose memoir “Decision Points” will be released in November, launched a Facebook page today and has already garnered more than 14,000 fans some pretty wistful comments about the days of yore.

A sampling:

You are greatly missed! Thank you for all you did for us, Mr President! Washington needs more help now than ever thanks to the current administration! The country seems to have lost all its’ morals, values and slowly but surely, our freedoms that were fought so hard for! Anyway, thankful for your 8 years of service to us. 🙂

I’ve noticed your approval rating rising ever since you left office. Sometimes people don’t realize what they HAD until it’s gone. You must LOVE being blamed for everything including the BP oil spill . . . LOL . . . we know better.

Is there a “Super Like” button? Better yet..is there a ‘re-wind’ button that can take us back to your leadership, and away from the mess we’re in today? Thank you for your service, your heart, and your strength.

I really miss you, George. I wish you got to run a third term so Nobama would never try turn this country into New USSR.

Please come back. We need someone to stick up to Venezuala, Russia, Iran, China and so on. The current administration can’t tell our enemies and friends apart and wants to give Miranda rights to terrorists.

And on a lighter note:

Welcome Mr. President. If the secret service can figure out how to set the security settings on your Face Book account correctly please pass it on to the rest of us.