The Salahis Return Because They Lack Self-Awareness

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For the good of America, do not watch Bravo’s forthcoming Real Housewives of D.C., or buy the forthcoming Salahi action figure, or Halloween costume, or read their might-be-published 500-page book. Giving them, champions of our asinine nothing-based culture, anything at this point would be akin to handing a toddler a lollipop for pooping in your lap. I refused to post the ridiculous interview that Micheale and Tareq Salahi gave to Radar, the one in which she says that the President should have given them a gift, like a bottle of wine, when they crashed the first state dinner. (I won’t even provide a link.) But then comes news, via Jake Tapper, that the fools got stopped by the Secret Service last night after running a red light in a stretch limousine outside the White House during the second state dinner. (Seriously, who but prom dates and wedding parties and Lil Wayne in that video drives around in a stretch limousine?) From Tapper:

A Secret Service Uniformed Division officer “observed a stretch limousine pass through a red light at 15th and Constitution,” Edwin M. Donovan, the Special Agent in Charge for the U.S. Secret Service told ABC News. “The vehicle then signaled that it was turning into the Ellipse parking area at 16th and Constitution, a restricted area.”

Donovan said the “vehicle was subsequently stopped at 17th and H Street and it was then learned that Tareq and Michaele Salahi were among the occupants of the vehicle. The driver and occupants of the vehicle were interviewed at this point. The driver was issued a notice of infraction for passing through a red light and all the subjects in the vehicle were released.” A source familiar with the situation says Michaele Salahi was wearing a white mink coat, while Tareq Salahi was in a suit.