In Financial Disclosure, President Obama Puts A Price Tag On Bo

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In accordance with the law, President Obama disclosed three gifts today in his official financial disclosure form for fiscal year 2009. The first is a “Nobel Medal and diploma” for which the value is “not readily ascertainable.” The second is a cash prize from the Nobel Foundation of about $1.4 million, which has been given to charity. The third is a “Portuguese water dog named ‘Bo,’ ” a gift from Senator Edward Kennedy and Victoria Reggie Kennedy of Hyannis Port, Mass. The dog’s value: $1,600.

Other news from the report: President Obama remains invested mainly in cash and U.S. Treasuries. He has less than $300,000 in Vanguard 500 Index Funds, and a couple college savings plans for his daughters valued at less than $250,000 each. Fans of Glenn Beck will be either comforted or discomforted by the news that none of the Obama family money is invested in gold.