The Kagan Chatter Gets Another Boost

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Mike Madden, at Salon, uncovers another sign that the White House seems awfully interested in protecting the good name of Elena Kagan, one of the front runners for the open Supreme Court seat.

In the last couple of weeks, after Salon’s Glenn Greenwald linked to this post by Duke University law professor Guy-Uriel Charles raising questions about the minority hiring rate at Harvard Law School when Elena Kagan was dean there, White House officials started circulating a set of talking points pushing back on the criticism, sending it out to various groups allied with the administration. With charts and lengthy quotes, the document — sent to Salon by a lawyer who had received it — is a clear attempt to defend Kagan, who’s now the solicitor general and is rumored to be near the top of Obama’s list for the Supreme Court opening.

To read the whole post and see the document click here.